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Male Photographer

Rahim meets his clients wherever they may be on their journey of not just manifestation, but spiritual practice and self-development. He has a wide range of skills, tools, and practices - leaning into whichever is needed. His coaching structure is easily manageable whilst still maintaining a sense of accountability and ownership. In just 8 weeks I was refreshed and revitalized on my path towards my most aligned self with renewed clarity, intent, and vitality.

John E.

Las Vegas, NV

Dramatic Portrait

Rahim's sessions gave me the tools I needed to access my emotions without judgment and transform negative thoughts into positive ones. He was very balanced in both guiding me through the journey, while giving me space and encouragement to move forward on my own. I was finally able to overcome deep-seated self-esteem issues and shame. Now, it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. If you have the opportunity to go through this program with Rahim, do! You won't regret it. It is time and money well spent!

Luke G.

Los Angeles, CA

Senior Female Teacher

Rahim is personable, gentle, and edgy at the same time. He takes the process of manifestation and breaks it down into steps that are tailored to meet his clients exactly at the point of their understanding. His focus is on imparting the necessary tools that empower his clients to grasp the mechanics of manifestation and be able to master those tools for themselves and step into their own innate power to manifest intentionally.

Kathryn T.

Philadelphia, PA

Female Fitness Trainer

Rahim is one crazy motherf*cker! I went from feeling like I had no clear tools or resources for myself to having too many to count. As a result, I have a whole new perspective on my process, and a better relationship with my feelings and fears. I have a brand new and improved sense of control over myself and my life.

Kierstyn V.

Puerto Rico

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