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Mind/Body Ascension Process: Signs & Symptoms

I know the struggles are real, but it’s not all bad news! Many signs and symptoms of spiritual Ascension may seem alarming, but you’re probably just experiencing growing pains.

Don’t worry, growing pains pass! But it’s helpful to be able to identify if any of your current struggles are actually a good sign of awakening.

Here is a list of ten signs that you are going through a Mind/Body Ascension process!

Do you find yourself suddenly struggling with certain relationships in your life?

Ascension has a way of highlighting where in relationships we have imbalanced power dynamics.

But don’t panic! While some people truly aren’t meant to stay in your life, often it’s more about honoring a need to rebalance those power dynamics.

Learn better ways of setting and communicating boundaries to others, and find ways to be honest and vulnerable about how someone is making you feel.

If they respond positively to the changes you’ve made, that is a great sign that the relationship will improve.

If they do not honor the changes you are making, then it may be time to move away from those relationships.

Unprocessed grief may resurface

Sometimes, we wake up, and we just don’t feel well! This is not always a sign that something is wrong.

Grief needs to be processed through the body, heart, mind, and spirit. And grief doesn’t just show up when we lose someone. We can grieve when we lose anything we care about, even a job or a house.

It can also occur as a result of self-healing and transformational work. We can grieve old versions of ourselves, or we might discover a backlog of emotional grief from early life that we never addressed.

It’s important to remain compassionate to how symptoms of grief show up. It could show up as anger, fatigue, nausea, head aches, or a plethora of other ways.

In moments of disregulation, make sure to pause in your day. Check in with yourself, and ask yourself what you need.

Are you sad and need ice cream? Give yourself permission to be sad and eat ice cream!

A sudden desire to “run away” or “disappear”

When we experience Ascension, it’s an expansion of the soul - a soul’s impetus to grow bigger than it was before.

This expansion can make us feel too big for our own skin. This can create a discomfort that makes us want to run away from our lives (that we’ve outgrown) or disappear.

In actuality, we can simply shed the parts of our ego that are now too small for us, much like a snake sheds its skin. This requires us to open up our hearts and minds to a broader outlook and a greater depth of intimacy with life.

A desire for “something more,” or a feeling that something is “missing”

In truth, nothing is missing. We are reaching for the infinite abundance of our own soul and we’re suddenly experiencing the ways that we’ve cut off our own access.

Seek healing modalities, meditation practices, and other ways to bring holistic wellbeing back to the soul.

A sudden awareness of where you are holding tension in your body

Experiencing back aches? Sciatic nerve acting up? Are you noticing that your shoulders are tense? Sudden waves of nausea? Where we hold tension and trauma in our bodies is unique to the individual. It’s common before Ascension to feel numb to our bodies. As the mind and body begin the Ascension process, we begin to awaken to where we are physically shut down. Seek massage and other body work healing modalities, or simply close your eyes and breathe where you feel tension. Always soften where you feel rigid. The key is to allow the mind and body to expand without force.

Ego Death

Ego death is stigmatized in our culture, but it is actually natural for humans to experience ego death.

Sometimes ego death is a blissful immersion into the infinite. You may not know where you end and the universe begins!

But some ego deaths are characterized by a scary loss of identity. You may not be able to feel who or where you truly are.

Remember, we only lose identities that no longer serve us. Do not be afraid to erase what you think you know of yourself, and start again. To be found, you must first be lost.

Sudden anger or resentment toward ourselves

As we expand, we outgrow the ways that we used to protect ourselves.

As our perspective heightens, we might see ways that our intended protection actually caused harm to ourselves and others.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to practice both ownership and forgiveness. To be able to acknowledge that you’ve grown and can see your mistakes is a gift, as is the ability to forgive yourself and move on to better ways of being.


You might notice the same patterns repeating over and over in your life.

Maybe you keep seeing the same number, color, or person.

Maybe you keep reading and hearing the same idea over and over.

Maybe you think about something, and then later hear it from someone else.

This is the universe confirming to you that you are on track. Don’t cling too tightly to the details of the synchronicities. Just notice when they occur and know that you’re on the right path.

Sudden changes in priorities

You may suddenly realize that you are no longer invested in things that you used to be very invested in.

Your attention might shift to new hobbies, people, or ideas.

For example, if you have been very invested in making money, you might suddenly begin prioritizing your own health over work.

When we raise our frequencies, our motivations and needs shift.

Changes in how you think and communicate

You might discover that you care less for the every day and want to talk about the mystical.

Or perhaps, when somebody asks you how you are, you tell them how you ACTUALLY are.

You might start speaking more quickly or slowly. You might expand your vocabulary. You might start thinking less, or thinking more. The quality and content of your thoughts might shift.

Sometimes this creates a change in how we relate to people. When our communication shifts, our relationships shift.

Be open to the messiness of this process. You don’t have to figure everything out right away.

Day by day, your new thinking process will grow, expand, and become refined.

Keep reminding yourself in the difficult moments that discomfort is part of healing!

You always have permission to bring more love, acceptance, and softness into your process.

Take care of yourself during your Ascension process, and drink lots of water!

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