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Energy Body Mastery Class - Review w/ Shakur Espitia

Hello everyone! A date for my new live 8-week class, Energy Body Mastery, will be announced soon. As we wrapped up the last course in 2022, I got a chance to speak with one of the students who attended the course, and asked him some questions about his experience. I want to bring some inspiration and illumination to everyone who is interested in attending the next round of Energy Body Mastery!

We’re speaking with Shakur Espitia, who is an art student, photographer, and practitioner of esoteric arts.


Question 1:

People’s level of motivation tends to rely on what they believe is possible. In your view, after going through Energy Body Mastery, did it open any doors for you? In what ways did EBM expand your vision, heighten your perspective, or inspire/unlock your dreams? Talk a little bit about your relationship to manifestation and how EBM has impacted that process.

"My experience with EBM worked to tie multiple tools and systems as a spiritual practitioner together. I’m no longer a beginning student; EBM illuminated the holes in my own practice, and I was given skills to align with my highest self as a working, exhibiting, self-supporting artist. A good example is simply the qigong. I was given a fresh set of new practices that made things like grounding exercises fun and exciting again.

I’ve worked with manifestation for a long time; EBM has increased my skill set and arsenal, thus expanding my practice. I have more energy and insight on how to navigate my day to day life and art practice/career. I can sense and feel reality changing and adhering to align with my highest self as an artist."

Question 2:

Good manifestation depends on the quality of the relationship that the manifestor has to oneself. Energy Body Mastery, in particular, nurtures the growth and expansion of that intimacy with self. How has Energy Body Mastery strengthened or clarified your relationship with yourself? Do you feel that your sense of self has improved since taking EBM? Talk a little bit about why, and your process going through that.

"EBM has certainly strengthened my relationship with myself—my body specifically. The daily practice and consistent checking in with myself has contributed towards an increased sense of confidence and affirmation. My mind, body, and spirit feel more in tune with each other.

As mentioned prior, I already have experience “tuning” and maintaining my spirit body, but I was given tools that were new to me that breathed some new life into my practice on a mind, body, and spirit level. As a recent art school graduate, I’ve been examining and working on a pattern involving imposter syndrome and self-confidence in my work. EBM has helped me navigate that immensely; I’m aware of what needs to be changed, cleared, worked on, etc. I have the tools to manifest my truest, most aligned self."

Question 3:

Energy Body Mastery spends a good amount of time talking about our relationship to Power. It defines what Power means in this shamanic cosmology’s context. It goes on to talk about how to have right relationship with power in order to be a good and effective human.

How has Energy Body Mastery re-framed your perspective about power and using power? Do you feel an increased sense of personal power since taking EBM? How has this impacted your life?

"EBM has reinforced my ability to sense, and better recognize, my power. From the everyday qigong practices, to simply intentionally checking in with myself and being able to FEEL my power being used and stored. I’m more aware of it on a day to day basis after EBM, and engage with it more often. Engaging with my power more often has allowed me to bring this energy into my everyday life, bringing a sense of alignment and purpose to everything that I do. This has helped me small and large scale; I can better navigate professional networking relationships, and also make better decisions in regards to my art."

Question 4:

In my 8-week manifestation program, we learn about Conscious Manifestation versus Unconscious Manifestation. Because we know that we manifest both what we want (Conscious Manifestation) and what we don’t want (Unconscious Manifestation,) we learn that in order to have increased control of our manifestation process, we must make the unconscious become conscious.

In Energy Body Mastery, we learn specific tools to make the unconscious become conscious. How has using these tools to increase your conscious awareness impacted your manifestations since taking the class? In what ways do you have a more in-depth understanding of yourself and your desires since using EBM to strengthen and heighten your conscious awareness?

"In a sense, I feel as if I’ve gotten out of my own way. I KNOW and am conscious that I am responsible for maintaining and up-keeping my energy body by grounding daily, and clearing regularly. On top of the increased confidence, there is a lot less clouding or muddying of my manifestations

For example, I can feel when something resonates with my truth cord. (Wanting to manifest a solo art Exhibition and KNOWING, FEELING it aligns with my path, versus wanting/desiring, “ to be a famous artist”) Desires based on projections from unmanaged parts within myself are less likely to fuel my manifestations and perpetuate misalignment."

Question 5:

What advice would you give people that are considering taking Energy Body Mastery for the first time?

"I would recommend setting time aside every day on top of the scheduled class time to make the practices feel more like a habit as opposed to “work” or a chore. Reach out to your fellow classmates if possible, as they are likely to be an amazing resource. Lastly, don’t be afraid to connect with Rahim for help or support outside of the scheduled class time if needed."

A date for the upcoming live class, Energy Body Mastery will be announced soon. If you are interested, please reach out to me to learn more by clicking here.

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