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Energy Body Mastery: A Pathway for Clearing Limiting Beliefs That Block Your Manifestations

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Modern Spiritualist! My name is Rahim. I want to talk to you about a new class that I will be starting after the holidays. I will announce specific dates later on. It’ll run for 8 weeks with classes once a week. They are on Zoom, so you can attend from wherever you are!

The class is called Energy Body Mastery and I’m going to talk a little bit about how this class will benefit your manifestation process.

If you’ve ever taken my manifestation program, you know that I spend a lot of that time talking about limiting beliefs - namely, identifying how these limiting beliefs are manifesting in your life, where they live in your body, and dismantling them in order to get rid of that roadblock in your life.

Energy Body Mastery is a key pathway for clearing these limiting beliefs because it puts us in a position of energetic sovereignty, clarity, and integrity. And as a result, identifying and dismantling limiting beliefs in our manifestation practice becomes faster, accurate, and more effective.

So, there are three things that I want to talk about today in relation to how Energy Body Mastery can improve or even completely transform your manifestation practice, and they are the following:

  1. Connecting With Your Inner Child & Reclaiming Their Gifts

  2. Understanding the Mind, the Ego, Survival, & Limiting Beliefs

  3. Alchemy, Ego Death, & the Re-assimilation of the Personality

Connecting With Your Inner Child & Reclaiming Their Gifts

So, let’s begin with the Inner Child conversation, and you know we have to have this conversation if you’ve been in any healing modality for any length of time.

Self-Actualization Is An Inside Job

The reason why most manifestation coaches preach going after your limiting beliefs (inside your own mind,) to manifest your outside experience is for this very reason, and I will repeat: Self-Actualization Is An Inside Job.

So, why does it matter when we’re talking about our Inner Child? Well, because our Inner Child is The Manifester. Our Inner Child is The Creator. It is our connection to curiosity, adventure, exploration, intimacy with the unknown, the willingness to take risks, and all of the other qualities we need to tap into, in order to successfully manifest - which is inherently a creative process.

It matters because, as an adult in your world, the only one truly responsible for how your Inner Child feels… is you. And the degree to which you repress or oppress that Inner Child is parallel to the degree to which you repress and oppress the manifestations that are attempting to flow through you.

The Only Way Out is Through the Work

There is a reason why connecting with the Inner Child is a crucial part of Energy Body Mastery and most other effective healing modalities. And that is because the only way to truly heal is to re-connect with, and reconcile, who in us became traumatized or fragmented in childhood.

Childhood is really scary. We are completely dependent on our caretakers for survival, and in childhood, our primary concern is that survival. So, we are willing to do lot of stuff with a heavy dose of weird childhood logic to maintain feelings of safety - whether they’re effective for survival or not.

And these strategies become coping mechanisms that can stick with us through adulthood if we don’t address them. These coping mechanisms over time often become problems themselves.

And here’s the crucial thing about those traumatized and marginalized parts of ourselves: they contain parts of us that we need.

They have important gifts that contain information about who we are, what we’re here to do, what we want, what we need, and how to do all of those things. We just stop being able to access those gifts because they are bound up in trauma. And if that trauma extends far enough back in childhood, we forget they exist. We become identified with the dysfunctional coping mechanism instead.

When we use modalities that effectively connect us with our inner child, we re-learn the names of those gifts. And through awareness, we as the adults in our world, are able to give that part of our inner child what they would have needed, not only to survive, but thrive. And through this process of going backwards in time, we’re actually now able to move forwards again, whereas before we might have been stuck in place.

In Energy Body Mastery, we learn a highly effective protocol for healing the Inner Child.

However, hard-skilled-witchy-shamanic-intuitive-psychic-protocol aside, the true magick of healing the Inner Child lives in four important soft-skills. And I’m going to tell you about them right now, for free, and you can practice healing your inner child starting today.

Healing The Inner Child is Only Achieved Through Awareness, Curiosity, Compassion, and Self-Love.

Awareness is key because you can’t avoid the manifested problems of the Inner Child by pushing it out of your awareness and focusing on your coping mechanisms. This usually just leads to health problems over time. And you can only shift a problem if you know the problem is there. Energy Body Mastery can help you hone your intuitive perceptions and accuracy so that you can become aware of potential problems in your energy field before they manifest bigger problems.

Curiosity is key because you can’t show up and act like you know better than the Inner Child. Children are their feelings, and your Inner Child knows exactly how they are feeling and why. You, as the adult in your world, are the one showing up in your humility to witness the predicament of the wounded Inner Child. Things only shift when curiosity opens us up to a new way of looking at things.

Compassion is key, because you can’t want the Inner Child to get better just so that you can move on with your life. You have to love the Inner Child for exactly who they are - wounds and all. You can’t make the Inner Child feel better so that you can get out of pain. You have to show up and witness the pain they are experiencing so that you can completely let it go. Compassion is key because it allows someone to be witnessed as they are, without fear of blame, shame, and judgment. We ultimately want our Inner Child to feel safety in our own heart and mind.

Self-Love is key because Love is the very fabric of the Universe. It is the first cause and the last effect. When the last illusion ends, all that is left is the vibration of Love. And so, self-love is THE divine alchemy - the only real substance that can turn pain into pure gold. And no one can teach you that one, I’m afraid. You gotta just do it yourself, which is simply about being courageous enough to do it. Self-love encompasses all of the other points: awareness, curiosity, and compassion.

The Mind, The Ego, Survival & Limiting Beliefs

First of all, you have 100% power to claim your Whole Self in the present moment. Any time. Anywhere.

I believe that there are times where people feel that Whole Self, no matter what stage they are in their life process.

I think my earliest experiences of that were at concerts. I’d have these moments where music would wash over me, and render me sort of ego-less, and I’d feel a sense of Oneness with the music, and the players, and the audience, all at once. There’s this moment of transcendence.

You always have access to your holistic self. Even with all of the soul loss, shadow energy, or ancestral trauma going on.

I see the energy body as a kind of circuit board. And there are different moving parts to the circuit board, just like the organs of the body have different tasks.

When something in us gets scared, it clamps down and turns off, and that manifests in us as a traumatic response.

But with breath and presence of mind, we can always bring ourselves back, turn our circuits on, connect with the highest source, and feel ourselves in our wholeness again.

The wounding is still there, because, as I said, it’s a Wholeness. But then comes a deep sense of Joy of Being that renders the wounding very, very small.

Then, we get very, very big and powerful as a result of coming into that Wholeness. It’s really zooming out, like a camera lens, because the wounding is small in comparison to the bigness of our Whole self.

Anxiety, Unhappiness, Compulsion, & Addiction = Manifestations of the Soul’s Desire To Be Free From Ego-Induced Limitation

Many of our coping mechanisms manifest in the following four forms: Anxiety, Unhappiness, Compulsion, & Addiction.

Now, these coping mechanisms could actually just be any of those four things.

For instance, if we experience anxiety for long enough we start to believe that we are our anxiety. Because we now derive a sense of self from the energy of anxiety, we actually get addicted to it, and we get addicted to how we manifest anxiety in our lives.

An example of creating more anxiety would be spending more time on social media than we do off social media - which has been scientifically demonstrated to cause anxiety and dis-regulation in large quantities. In this instance, we are addicted to social media and the anxiety it creates.

If you remember what I said just a little bit ago, about how our coping mechanisms contain gifts, we can re-frame how any of these coping mechanisms show up in our lives as a gift that is trying to make itself manifest.

Therefore, all we have to do is address what the anxiety truly wants to be. When we use the protocol in Energy Body Mastery, we might discover that our anxiety’s real name is creativity, and what they really want to do is draw everyday, just like we did when we were a kid.

When we successfully reclaim this gift of artistic drawing, we do two things: we liberate ourselves from the anxiety that it was manifesting, and we reclaim our gift of creativity.

Energy Body Mastery flips the whole script for mental health, because instead of viewing ourselves as a set of neuroses, we can view our neuroses as a conversation with our own soul - a way that the soul points out to us what is wounded, so that we can give it our full loving attention, and reclaim the gifts that were lost.

Get Out of Your Own Way! Your Soul Already Knows What to Do

Ultimately, moving away from ego-induced limitation is about getting out of your own way. In order to Be your Authentic Self, there’s a letting go of trying to be everything you already are.

You possess beautiful innate qualities and talents - we all do. And the more powerful the enemy in us, the more powerful the ally once we let go of our ego sense of self and embrace the Bigness that is our soul.

The moment we are motivated to stop making an enemy out of ourselves, we make the most natural allies with ourselves.

By choosing our Authentic Selves and choosing to step out of ego, we surrender to a Flow. And this Flow is how the soul moves naturally through the world.

While not without challenge, (because let’s face it, being in the world is hard right now) this Flow is an effortless Knowing. The manifestation process is much more about setting the intention, taking a step back, surrendering, and letting the flow take hold, carrying you to your destiny.

If you want to understand more about this concept, you can take a look at the Tao Te Ching. It talks about the concept of Wuwei, which is effortless action. It’s all about the surrender to this flow of the soul, and taking action from that place - which is about getting out of the way of the Flow.

Our job, as the ego-identified personality, is to just stop damming up the river. To remove everything in the way - all the false ego identifications - that prevent one from viewing oneself in the context of the Whole, so that one can successfully be a current in that Flow.

Alchemy, Ego Death, & The Re-assimilation of the Personality

The Natural Grieving Process of the Old Self

No matter how badly you think you want to change your life, the bottom line is, there is always a grieving process when you change your life, no matter how positive that change is.

I think when people are starting to make strides in their healing, they can sense that grieving process, so they get scared and confused, and back out.

This is understandable, because our culture does not hold us well in our grief. And with the COVID pandemic, we’re in a global state of grief. And you can see from that perspective of collective grieving, that people aren’t handling it well at all. It’s just business as usual, and then people get even more unsettled.

But the grieving process for this kind of alchemical process - when you’re fundamentally changing your perception of who you are, you’re completely shifting how you operate in the world, and you’re manifesting all of these new opportunities to you - it’s really not so bad.

It can be confusing, because you’re processing fear, anger, sadness, and adjusting to unknowns - even though you want these positive changes.

And I think people just expect everything to feel better, so they get confused when they don’t feel better right away.

But, grieving the Old Self eventually ends, after you process all of the repressed emotions from the Old Self.

Once those emotions run their course, you are a new You, in a new place… and it does feel amazing.

Body Integration: You Must Be The Physical Object of Your Desire

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean changing your appearance or your body in any way, but it certainly can if that’s what you’re choosing to manifest.

So, this applies if you want to lose weight, or get in shape, or even do something like gender transitioning, which is a divine alchemy of the body. Gender transitioning is Becoming the True Self through that transformational process in the physical.

It could also be even simpler than that. You could be imagining yourself as a person with a better sense of style. And you’re manifesting better clothes and better intuition for how clothing fits together. That counts too!

But if the object of your desire isn’t anything about your body or appearance, there is still a way to become the object of your desire.

I have a great example for manifesting the ideal relationship. Let’s say that you want your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend.

I’m going to use my best friend’s manifestation method as an example for this. He told me last year that in order to manifest the relationship that he wanted, his manifestation practice would be to become his own ideal boyfriend - to date himself. He was going to become the person that he would want to date. And this is a perfect example of actually becoming the object of your desire, which is the ideal boyfriend in this case.

So, I tried it too, and it worked! I became my own perfect boyfriend, fell in love with myself, (we’ve discussed the self-love part of alchemy) and then I actually manifested the partner that I have now.

It was a huge success, and it was easy once I did the work of becoming the object of my desire.

The process of becoming my ideal partner solved two things for me once I actually started putting my energy into a real relationship:

  1. I knew exactly what I required from a partner because I learned to give those things to myself.

  2. I knew how to be a good partner for somebody else, because I learned how to be a good partner to myself.

So, once I actually manifested my partner, I was the ideal candidate for that relationship as well. I was ready to be in it. I was the person that could be in it. And that’s essential for manifesting what we want.

Are we able to maintain our desire once we have it, and do we even recognize the manifestation of our desire once it presents itself to us?

You are the God / Goddess of Your Personal Microcosm…Are You a Good One?

If we view, for these purposes, that reality is infinite, but that we can observe some finite structures in nature with our set of sensory perceptions as humans, we can notice that there are patterns in nature, and these patterns seem to repeat on micro and macro scales.

For instance, the neuronal network looks ridiculously similar to the cosmic web. And we understand, using instruments, that there are smaller structures we can’t see. For example, atoms are too small for us to see. But they are the building blocks of matter, forming everything that we can see.

And if you zoom out of our network, you see we’re just a very small part of the solar system’s network. We are to the solar system what gut bacteria is to our bodies.

From this perspective, we can view us, as sentient beings, to be the God of our Energy Fields. Our microcosm is everything that exists inside of us as the individual.

We are, on the scale of our planet, energy beings with free will that clash with other energy beings that have free will. And we cannot mess with someone else’s free will. We are not their God. But we are the God of ourselves, and the way we treat ourselves is the way we are enacting forces on everything inside of ourselves.

So, take a look at how your treat yourself. Do you treat yourself with respect, love, acceptance, vulnerability, intimacy? Or do you treat yourself with hate, shame, guilt, blame, pity, etc?

The miracle of this work is that once you realize what you’re doing to yourself, you can make the choice to stop of your own free will and volition. And you can do it anytime.

But, old habits die hard. Which is why I’m bringing Energy Body Mastery to you, so that you can learn skills that will make this work a whole lot easier.

I didn’t create this protocol. I have spent the last year in teacher-training within my shamanic community to be able to bring this here and teach it.

These teachings are held in a powerful, loving, and deep cosmology that is a lot bigger than just me.

For that reason, when you learn these teachings from me, you’re actually being held by something even greater and more loving than you can even fathom. You are being held by an almost tangible thread of spiritual protection, love, and wisdom.

So, please reach out to me if you’re interested in the class!

Thank you so much for reading, and take time to consider if this serious learning of energy skills is right for you.

Because I am a teacher in training for this course, the entire 8 weeks is only being offered for $75. This is the only opportunity to take the class at this low of a price.

So, take action now!

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