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Rahim Nanos

Discover Your Core Sense of Self

You cannot build a fulfilling life on a foundation that doesn't support you. The foundation of our lives includes our ancestral/family lines, the people in our lives that raise us up (or tear us down,) our bodies, our core beliefs, and our environment. With the recognition that foundation is everything, I promise to meet you where you are. I am here to be a positive source of support for you built on a cultivated trust that I earn, which enables you to destroy your "false" foundation and build a new one that is based on true wellness. No desire is too big or too small. And no position in life is too "high" or too "low." I have experience coaching a wide variety of people with a broad range of psychic and energy skills - from no skills at all, to shamanic practitioners, and everything in between. Sometimes, what we need is to be seen, to be witnessed, and to be mirrored. That, in and of itself, affects change. However, my energy coaching programs offer a variety of tools that help you create a true foundation of holistic wellness for yourself.

Our work is 100% confidential, and I uphold a standard of engaging in our collaborative process with compassionate curiosity. This means I am open and responsive to everything that shows up for you without blame, shame, or judgment. 

My approach comes out of a variety of disciplines that have enabled me to craft something truly unique. I have a background in psychology that allows me to read trauma accurately. However, my approach isn't psychological. It's energetic. And my energetic expertise comes out of years of work as an initiate in a spiritual esoteric order, alongside shamanic practices, mindfulness practices, and martial arts practices that enable me to create the effective healing container that is vital to cultivating actual, sustainable change on all levels of the client's Being.

If it feels like there's no spark, no hope, or no chance for true healing and change, I want to tell you in the sincerest way possible, that there is a way. Many beautiful rivers lead to the ocean, but you've found yourself here. So, maybe this is your river. Come join me in the journey to self-liberation and reclaim your life, your soul, and your freedom!

With Love & Gratitude For The Future We Build Together,

Rahim Nanos

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