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Gain clarity and insight into the true nature of your soul.

All physical manifestations in life contain, at their root, an energetic or spiritual essence. This energetic essence is the core from which all physical manifestations of reality are created. Because of this, while we can attempt to create change on the physical level of reality, we often end up discouraged, despairing, or exhausted by trying. In my course of deep esoteric and shamanic study, I have discovered through experience that humanity's efforts to create positive change are in vain when the energetic root of what we are trying to shift is not being addressed. To create true, positive, sustainable, and lasting change, we cannot keep hacking our weeds without digging out the seeds. Instead, we must address the problems of our world by first going to its energetic source and creating change there. To do this, we must remember the ancient ways of accessing the true potency of the invisible world with integrity, heart, and dedication. And to do that, we must learn effective, powerful, and valuable energy skills that we can integrate into our contemporary lives and experiences.

My name is Rahim Nanos. I am a longtime initiate of an esoteric order and dedicated to an animist framework of teaching that emphasizes the importance of mind/body alignment practices to integrate contradictory parts of the self in order to bring clients back in touch with their core sense of Being. This core sense of Being relies on tending our relationship with our bodies, nature, the earth, and the cosmos.

The primary vision for my work is to participate in pulling humanity out of the separation from nature that has made us, as an animal species, very sick and maladapted. It is my belief that humanity's mental illness is caused by this separation from nature, and we cannot create a better world by trying to survive and cope in the society we've created. We must return to zero, rebuild our foundations, recultivate the earth, and change our priorities. Before we can even do that together as a community, we must first come into holistic wellness with ourselves as individuals. Every single individual that re-establishes that connection to their core sense of Being is one individual closer to a tipping point in our society. And it is a process that demands we say 'no' to our cultural conditioning, stand firm in what has true health, meaning, and value for us, and dismantle any internalized narratives or trauma responses that stand in our way. Join me!


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Rahim meets his clients wherever they may be on their journey of not just manifestation, but spiritual practice and self-development. He has a wide range of skills, tools, and practices - leaning into whichever is needed. His coaching structure is easily manageable whilst still maintaining a sense of accountability and ownership. In just 8 weeks I was refreshed and revitalized on my path towards my most aligned self with renewed clarity, intent, and vitality.

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Want to hear more about these life transforming tools? Contact me today with any questions. If you are interested in the coaching program, please email me before booking your sessions!

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